8 interesting facts about fish farming – Royal Examiner

The global demand for fish continues to rise. Hence, fish farming has become a massive industry all over the world. Here are eight interesting facts about fish farms.

1. More than half of the fish consumed in the world comes from fish farms.

2. China is the largest producer of farmed seafood and produces over 60 million tons of farmed fish every year.

3. The highest species are carp, catfish, salmon and tilapia.

4. The earliest evidence of fish farming dates back to ancient China, Egypt and Rome. However, the modern form of fish farming was introduced to Germany in 1733.

5. Another word for fish farming is aquaculture. The word aquaculture combines the Latin words aqua and cultura, meaning water and agriculture.

6. Farmed fish often has a milder flavor than wild fish.

7. There are three main fish farming systems: completely closed, circulating and open systems.

8. When done correctly, fish farming is a highly environmentally friendly and sustainable way of raising fish. It helps create healthier habitats and rebuild stocks of threatened and endangered species.

Did you know that many fish farms and hatcheries offer tours? Look for one near you to get a taste of this fascinating industry.

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