7 plant-based alternatives to meat and fish, ranked

  • Fake meat derived from vegetable proteins is becoming widespread.
  • I have been vegan for 2.5 years and have tried 7 fake meat and fish products to see how they taste.
  • Fake burgers, fake steak, and fake fish came out on top, while fake turkey was a turkey.
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Sometimes when I bite into a juicy burger, it tastes so real that I get paranoid and wonder, “Is that really meat?”

Plant-based alternatives have come a long way since I became a vegan two and a half years ago. For decades, vegans have been confined to scouring specialty grocery islands for animal-free foods. These products are now increasingly seen alongside staple foods in stores.

Hamburger patties are the most mature fake meat product to date, but I’m generally impressed with the range of alternative foods currently on the market. I can put in plant-based pepperoni, shrimp, cheese, and even liquid cream.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence, plant-based foods are expected to steal up to 7.7% of the global protein market by 2030. This would value the sector at $162 billion, up from around $29.4 billion in 2020.

Established players like California-based Beyond Meat, Nasdaq-listed Impossible Foods, and alternative milk giant Oatly have captured consumer attention. But there are a lot of choices in 2021.

I spent a week eating seven vegan alternatives to see what’s on the market, what’s good and what’s not. I bought all my vegan alternatives from UK online grocery store The Vegankind Supermarket.

Here’s what I cooked, and how I found each product:

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