12,237 seek asylum in the EU

In the first six months of this year, Bangladeshi nationals lodged 12,237 asylum applications in member states of the European Union and its associated countries, according to the latest data from the EU Agency for asylum.

With 2,132 asylum applications in June, Bangladeshis became the ninth nationals in terms of the number of applications lodged in a month, according to data published Friday on the EUAA website.

Of the applications filed by Bangladeshis between January and June this year, 11,433 were first applications and the remaining 804 were repeat applications.

As of June, first instance decisions had been taken on 8,938 applications from Bangladeshis, and ‘EU plus’ asylum authorities had granted ‘refugee status’ to 249 applications and ‘subsidiary protection’ to 80 others. requests.

The other 8,609 decisions were “negative”.

In addition, as of June, 13,916 asylum applications submitted by Bangladeshi nationals remained pending, including 8,311 applications pending for less than six months, 5,571 for more than six months and the remaining 34 for an indefinite period.

Last year, 20,110 asylum applications were lodged by Bangladeshis in the “EU plus” countries which are the 27 EU member states plus Norway and Switzerland.

In June this year, a total of around 73,100 asylum applications were lodged in the “EU plus” countries, with Afghans and Syrians having lodged the most asylum applications, followed by Venezuelans, Colombians and of Pakistanis, according to the data.

Turkey, Georgia, Tunisia and Iraq were the other countries in the top 10.

Asylum applications include all persons who filed or were included in an application for international protection as a family member in the reporting country during the month of reference, according to the EUAA website.

Overall, in the first half of this year, EU plus countries received 406,000 asylum applications, up 68% from the first half of last year, when some travel restrictions were lifted. still in place.

Of these applications, 21,700 (five percent) were filed by Ukrainians, who instead tended to register for temporary protection.

The increase in asylum applications in the first half of this year, compared to the first half of last year, was mainly due to Afghans, Latin Americans, Ukrainians and citizens of other countries in the Eastern Neighborhood and southeastern EU.

EUAA data shows around 3,200 applicants in June were self-declared unaccompanied minors, up 11% from May.

The EU plus asylum authorities issued some 57,600 first-instance decisions on asylum applications in June, the highest number in nearly two years.

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