11 types of fish and how to cook them

Haddock is a relative of cod that’s famous for all the things that tend to characterize white fish: firm flesh, chewy texture, and a mild flavor that lends itself well to many cooking styles (via Marine Stewardship Council) . Haddock has long occupied the same spaces as the incredibly popular cod: in English suppers, soups, and especially fish and chips.

For whitefish fanatics, however, haddock might be the most ethical swap for cod, which is currently extremely threatened by years of unethical mismanagement (via NOAA). Haddock, on the other hand, especially if caught in the North Sea and Iceland, is currently ranked among the Marine Stewardship Council’s “best picks” for a sustainable fish.

An easy swap to offer some respite to a long-struggling species of fish – seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? But keep in mind that when cooking with haddock, it will be sweeter, even slightly, than cod. When cooking haddock at home, this white fish is quite forgiving. A baked white haddock, for example, can be made in 20 minutes and made with ingredients that are probably already floating around in the kitchen. Lemon, butter and olive oil add zest to the otherwise mild fish and make it a light yet filling meal.

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